Hello! I’m Josephine – a newbie coder and foodie living in beautiful NZ. :) This blog was conceived during an evening of procrastination and glancing through the hundreds of photos of food that I had stored in Picasa, neatly labelled by restaurant and date. It dawned upon me that I should perhaps try and do something with all of that, beyond the occasional idle post on Facebook. And thus The Kiwi Foodie was born (after a few false starts). The blog is aimed at fulfilling the dual purpose of sharing my love of food with fellow New Zealanders, as well as acting as a sandbox for my forays in website design and development.

The astute reader might notice a trend in the types of restaurants featured – mid-range to budget eateries, leaning towards Asian eateries and casual cafes. Haute cuisine restaurants are lovely, but unfortunately regular visits to them would tear right through our pockets, and at any rate there are plenty of other sites that focus more on them.

Standard disclaimers apply, of course – all of the reviews here are solely the author’s opinion. The author is not affiliated to any of the restaurants reviewed, and unless stated otherwise, was not offered any sort of compensation for the reviews.

Do feel free to post any of your own reviews (or agreements, or disagreements) in the comments. I can be contacted at webmaster@kiwifoodie.co.nz.

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  1. Just found your site when trying to find a green tea shaved ice dessert place, loving it. You should try this new place called Big Fish Eatery out in Penrose. I think you’ll like it :)

  2. Have just had lunch at Frasers in Mt Eden. Staff were pleasant, helpful and attentive – food was excellent. However, I would like to make some comments:
    1. Please put porridge back on your menu. It used to be beautiful.
    2. We ordered nutella pancakes but were served crepes. (Pancakes are thick and fluffy, crepes are thin and delicate.) Have to say that the crepes were delicious but they were NOT pancakes.
    3. It would be really useful if you provided hooks under the bar for customers to hang up their handbags as other establishments do.

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