Cafe Rhythm, Parnell


I came across this lovely gem of a place a few months ago while wandering Parnell in search of a late brunch – it was hidden in a tiny alcove behind the main row of shops on Parnell Rd, by a quaint little cobblestone road lined with flowers. While they serve standard brunch and lunch cafe fare, their specialty lies in waffles, both sweet and savoury.

And the waffles are indeed good, piping hot and thick and overflowing with toppings, which I greatly prefer in comparison to the light, airy confections that typically dominate the waffle scene. I have been there twice; on the first try, I had the original waffle with fruits, nuts, maple syrup, various sauces and vanilla ice cream, while on the second I opted for the yogurt waffle. I preferred the former to the latter, perhaps in part because I was slightly baffled by the decision to serve the yogurt along with the sauces in small tin containers – I would have preferred the sauce drizzled over the waffle, with the yogurt served in the middle. Also, when they say yogurt, they mean yogurt, as in the supermarket variety, not frozen yogurt (that was my mistake for not reading carefully, though).

The service is commendable, friendly and fairly efficient. There is a huge variety of options on the menu, from breakfast and lunch staples such as french toast and BLT, to salads, rice meals, savoury waffles, sweet waffles, petite waffles, and kids’ meals. I haven’t tried any of their savoury waffles, as my sweet tooth consistently clamors for the sweet variety (and wins!), but if anyone has tried them, do feel free to chime in.

I would return for the original belgium waffle, or perhaps to give the chocolate waffle a shot. They serve Tea Drop teas, which garners them bonus points in my book.


Cost: $10 – $20 pp
Food: 4 Stars
Service: 4 Stars
Ambience: 4 Stars
Value for money: 4 Stars

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