Classic Bakehouse, Auckland CBD


Snow-skin mooncakes are a bit of a rarity around these parts, even more so than traditional mooncakes. Traditional mooncakes have a chewy crust made of a type of pastry, and heavy fillings like lotus paste with salted duck egg yolk. Their snow-skin counterparts are almost completely different in taste and texture, as their crust is made of a soft, sticky glutinous rice and they typically have softer and lighter fillings like chocolate, pandan, and various fruits. They have to be kept refrigerated and are usually eaten cold.

I have a soft spot for these mooncakes and have tried looking for them the entire time I’ve lived in NZ, with minimal success. The closest I came to finding one was a pack of 4 mini-mooncakes produced by Mei-Xin (Hong Kong) and sold by an Asian mart. But despite coming from Hong Kong and costing a pretty penny, they turned out pretty disappointing. The skin was a little hard and detached from the filling – I don’t know if it was due to improper storage or that’s just the way it is, but regardless I wasn’t impressed. Don’t even get me started on the one sold by La Couronne – I love that bakery but their snow skin mooncakes are really not their strong point.

Anyway, I am absolutely psyched to report that at long last, I’ve found a snow-skin mooncake that I love… and it’s sold in the most obscure of places. Classic Bakehouse is a tiny bakery located in the middle of Elliott St with an inconspicuous entrance – you’d easily miss it if you weren’t looking for it. During the mooncake festival season, they have an entire fridge dedicated to snow skin mooncakes of various flavours – durian, plum, mango etc. A friend bought me one and it’s as close to perfect as I can recall, with the soft and slightly sweet skin, and real durian paste within.

If you’re not a fan of durian, you should probably try the other flavours instead, but do try it regardless. They are apparently selling on a discount now that the mooncake festival is over!



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