Daikoku, Victoria St


I’m not entirely sure what ‘Daikoku’ means in Japanese, but it sure is a popular name for restaurants! In Auckland alone, there are several Daikokus – a chain specializing in teppanyaki, a noodle bar, and finally the one on Victoria St, which to the best of my knowledge isn’t affiliated with any of the other Daikokus. The latter also used to be our most frequented Japanese restaurant in the CBD, at least until they increased their prices several months ago.

They’re still really good, though – on our last visit we had a veritable feast consisting of a deep fried chicken set (deep fried chicken with salad and wasabi mayo, miso soup, rice, and appetizer), gyoza, and a beef sukiyaki pot. The beef sukiyaki is the best I’ve found in Auckland so far – tender strips of medium-rare beef, tofu, glass noodles, and vegetables in sukiyaki broth, served in a hot pot. It also comes with the traditional raw egg for dipping, which adds a lovely touch.

Other dishes we’ve ordered previously include their teriyaki chicken (excellent!), ramen (sadly not as good as Tanpopo’s), and sashimi (good, but pricey unless it’s on special that month). The decor and service is pretty standard, although there’s a tatami room where you sit on the floor by the table – not my preference, but some might enjoy the novelty.


Cost: $12 – $25 pp
Food: 4 Stars
Service: 4 Stars
Ambience: 3 Stars
Value for money: 4 Stars


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