Dessert Dojo, Ponsonby


I’ve been looking forward to trying out this place for a while – Auckland’s very own little cold stone creamery! The novelty of being able to make your own custom ice cream sounded very appealing to me, so I dropped by last Saturday night. At first glance, the place looks like your everyday self-serve froyo shop – cute decor, but rather indistinguishable. It was also almost empty except for a group of people taking pictures in the photo booth, which surprised me considering the time and day, and its location (central Ponsonby).

Of course, I gave it a shot anyway, and had a small gourmet ice cream ($4.90). There were several pre-made selections on the board, but I chose to select my own ice cream and toppings instead. There are only about 8 base ice cream options to choose from, but that does make sense considering the fact that there will be toppings mixed in later. The toppings selection on the other hand is decent, not as varied as the likes of KiwiYo have pampered us with, but still quite a few interesting options.

So, you select your base ice cream, toppings, and sauce, and the guy behind the counter mixes it all up in front of you on a stone slab. It’s interesting to watch, and the result is quite nice. In my opinion it really is more of a novelty than anything else though, as the ice cream is rather average in quality, and it gets a bit soft and watery after the mixing. Also, it’s fairly expensive, as $4.90 netted me a really, really small cup of ice cream.

I’m glad I tried it, as the concept is pretty interesting, but if you’re just after good-quality (or value for money) ice cream instead of wanting to make your own custom creations, there are better dessert places around.


Cost: $4 – $9 pp
Food: 3 Stars
Service: 3 Stars
Ambience: 4 Stars
Value for money: 3 Stars


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