Dutch Delight, Birkenhead



I might be a little out of my depth reviewing this place, as this is the first time I’ve ever tried Dutch cuisine! After having an online acquaintance from the Netherlands confirm that their menu did, indeed, look authentic, we made the drive across the bridge to give it a shot.

Unfortunately, the first thing that struck me when we arrived was that the place was dark – so dark that, on a bright sunny afternoon, I had to use the ‘night’ mode on my phone camera to take pictures inside. I confess to preferring stereotypical cheery, well-lit cafes. However, after getting used to the lighting, the decor finally caught my eye. And it was fairly impressive, with little windmill and ship decorations scattered all around, quaint table mats, and even tiny sculptures as salt and pepper shakers. Cute.

We ordered two pancakes, one ‘traditional’ and the other savoury, and poffertjes for dessert. My traditional ‘spek’ pancake (small – $14.90) came with bacon and seared apple on the top and drizzled with icing sugar. The pancake itself was thin and delicate, almost reminiscent of crepes, and the apple was caramelized and seared perfectly – there was a nice crunch to it still, instead of being mushy. The bf’s ‘lunch pancake’ (medium – $24.90) with chicken breast, ham, bacon, onion, and mushroom tasted fairly standard to me. Poffertjes (small – $12.50) were apparently little balls of sweet, spongy batter, served with icing sugar, butter, whipped cream and ice cream. They were pretty darn good, and probably the most standout dish in my view.

Our verdict – nice concept, and apparently authentic Dutch food (the Dutch acquaintance was also approving of the photos). The prices were relatively steep, though, and while the pancakes looked large, they were thin enough that I could probably have finished a medium-sized one easily if we hadn’t ordered the poffertjes (and I’m a petite Asian girl!). The food was pretty good, though, and it’s worth at least one try if you haven’t had the chance to sample Dutch food yet.


Cost: $12 – $25 pp
Food: 4 Stars
Service: 3 Stars
Ambience: 3 Stars
Value for money: 3 Stars



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