Eating out for brunch/lunch after 2pm in Hamilton


(Editor’s note: I’ve had this post in draft format for ages, procrastinating putting it up because I couldn’t quite confirm all of the details below. But then I figured, better late and imperfect than never….)

I compiled a rather arbitrary list (subject to my personal preference :)) of places you can have brunch/lunch at after 2pm. When I first arrived in Hamilton, I was amazed at how many cafes close their kitchens at 2pm! This list is mostly for my own perusal, but if you’re a fellow weekend sleeper-in or just enjoy late lunches, feel free to use it as well. :) I’m leaving out obvious stuff like subway and kfc chains or places that sell cabinet food and sandwiches, etc.

1. Cafe Irresistiblue (Monavale blueberries)

2. Coffee and Food Establishment, Hamilton CBD – kitchen open til 2.30pm

3. Scott’s Epicurean, Hamilton CBD – kitchen open til 2.30pm

4. Verandah Cafe, Hamilton Lake – kitchen apparently open till 2.45ish

5. McDs – with the advent of the all-day breakfast menu, this goes on my list despite being a fast food chain. I looooove McDs breakfast.

6.Joe’s garage – pizza and baguette rolls anytime

7. Good George breweries – pizza anytime

8. Hamilton Gardens Cafe – now menu runs til 3pm!

9. Coffee culture – serves various bagels til 6pm

10. Theobroma at Centre place

11. The coffee club at centre place

12. Mexicali fresh at centre place

13. Prof’s Cafe, Woodlands Estate – kitchen open til 3pm

14. Punnet Cafe, Tamahere – kitchen open til 3pm on weekends

15. The Olde Creamery cafe – kitchen open til 4pm!

16. Coffee Post, Skycity – not sure, but we’ve been able to order up til 2.30pm before

Know any others? Post a comment! :)

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