Foundation Bar & Lounge, Te Rapa


Foundation is the unicorn of bars, one of the rare few all-rounders with great food, great service, a variety of drinks, and good atmosphere. We’ve been here a couple of times now, and each time we were greeted and seated promptly by friendly waiters, with our food arriving quite quickly as well (and with custom requests adhered to!). Honestly, this place puts a few ‘fine dining’ restaurants (that shall not be named) to shame in the service department.

Their food menu is fairly expansive, ranging from pizzas to platters, bar snacks, and the usual entrees and mains. Their sticky American bourbon pork ribs are exactly what ribs are meant to be – messy, hearty, and absolutely delicious with the perfect house-made sauce. They have $25 all-you-can-eat ribs on Tuesdays, which the guys say is great value for money, but IMO the standard ribs are more than enough anyway – I’ve never been able to finish the first serving! Aside from that, we’ve tried the Port Waikato pizza, which was pretty good especially for a place that doesn’t specialize in pizza, and their steak, which is simple but done exactly as you ordered it.

Price-wise, they are mid-range, with most mains in the $20s. The place is always warm and cosy, even on a cold winter night. Great for a night out with friends, and even better if you happen to like ribs.


Cost: $20 – $40 pp
Food: 4 Stars
Service: 4.5 Stars
Ambience: 4 Stars
Value for money: 4 Stars


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2 thoughts on “Foundation Bar & Lounge, Te Rapa

  1. Duty Manager kick us out of the restaurant !!!!

    Went there today for some dessert at Wednesday night, but the first word heard from you guys when we walked into is not “hello welcome”, Its” do you have ID?” !!! sadly my wife haven’t bring ID with her today and we been told to get out of the restaurant by the duty manager. What a stupid service there.I can understand u can sale liquior to minor, But I cant understand you kick customer out at the first beginning!! U should do it when you sale your beer!!! what a stupid manager u guys hiring…I believe she just want to shut down this restaurant by bad service….never been kick out a restaurant straight away in NZ. FXXKING ridiculous

    1. That’s pretty awful. You should contact the restaurant about this – I’m a reviewer, I don’t own the restaurant, so I can’t help you. I had no idea you even needed ID to eat at Foundation, never been asked for it before.

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