Il Mee, CBD


At first glance, nothing really differentiates Il Mee from the bazillion other Korean restaurants on upper Queen Street – we must have walked past about five of them at least, before reaching it. Despite that fact, it was doing pretty good business even at 9pm at night, which was when we first visited. We had a Korean friend with us that time, who was visiting us from Christchurch and had requested for Korean food. My experience with Korean food in Auckland to that day hadn’t exactly been spectacular, so I put my trust in the many positive reviews for Il Mee, and brought her there.

We had their chicken broth with ginseng, which was fairly pricey at $22, but incredibly good – probably the best chicken broth I’ve had around these parts. As well as fried flounder ($15), which was nice and crispy, and kimchi tofu ($12). The Korean friend vouched for the authenticity of the food, and the bf and I came again by ourselves a few weeks later, ordering the exact same dishes minus the tofu. I suspect this will be a routine of sorts for the foreseeable future.

Special mention goes to their side dishes – while the kimchi and veggies served are pretty standard, the pancakes are AMAZING. Slightly sweet, thick, and moreish, I couldn’t get enough of them. Seriously, they were as good as the mains in my view. One of the girls at the table next to us seems to have shared this view, for I heard her declare, “I want to marry this pancake.” :)

The decor is pretty standard, as is the service. That isn’t what we come here for, though.


Cost: $12 – $20 pp
Food: 5 Stars
Service: 4 Stars
Ambience: 3 Stars
Value for money: 4 Stars


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