Ironique, Mt Eden


Ironique is a rather aptly-named Mt Eden cafe, being one of the few in its locale that offer giant-sized portions for a reasonable price. Unfortunately, our first impression of it wasn’t great – either they were short-handed for the day or this is an exceptionally self-service-oriented cafe. None of the staff so much as looked at us when we arrived, so after standing around for a few minutes we seated ourselves, and picked up our own menus from the rack after waiting another few minutes. After ordering at the counter, we went to get our own water. We did not mind doing so, but perhaps there could be a ‘self service’ or ‘please order at the counter’ sign to prevent miscommunication.

The food wasn’t bad at all. My cinnamon and vanilla waffles with banana, berries, cream, and bacon ($18.40) was large and freshly-made, with generous servings of all toppings. The SO’s sirloin steak with blue cheese mushroom sauce, grilled eggs, chips, and salad ($23.50) was even larger, and very good value for the price. Taste-wise both meals were pretty standard, though. Also, it was difficult to really enjoy our meals as it was a sizzling hot day, there wasn’t air conditioning or much ventilation in the place, and there were lots of flies around.

All in all, a decent stop if you’re really hungry and want a good filling lunch without breaking the bank. Best not to come expecting stellar service or good ambience, though.


Cost: $10 – $25 pp
Food: 3 Stars
Service: 3 Stars
Ambience: 3 Stars
Value for money: 4 Stars


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