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Once again, apologies for the long hiatus. Between traveling, work, and recovering from dental surgery, it’s been an incredibly hectic few months – and the direct result is that I haven’t tried any new eateries in Auckland for ages.

However, I’ve compiled a “Best of…” list of perhaps the only type of food that I’m actually qualified to write about – Malaysian food. :) I spent the first 20+ years of my life in Malaysia, the land of amazing, richly-flavoured food at ridiculously low prices. Obviously the prices are much higher here (even notwithstanding currency conversion rates), but I do think Auckland has a pretty good spread of authentic Malaysian food. Certainly more so than anywhere else in New Zealand.

There isn’t any one ‘best’ Malaysian eatery, but many of them have their own specialties, so I’ve compiled a list here according to my own preferences:

Best fish head noodle soupSelera, Newmarket

Best fish head curry – Sri Pinang, K Road

Best char kuey teow – Angie’s Kitchen, Symonds St

Best asam laksa – Blossom Court, Panmure

Best roti canaiUncle Man, K Road

Best curry laksaSelera, Newmarket

Best Hainan chicken riceSelera, Newmarket

Best sirap bandung – Angie’s Kitchen, Symonds St

Best teh tarikUncle Man, K Road

Best bakuteh – Blossom Court, Panmure

Best mi goreng – Mamak, Chancery St

Best banana leaf riceSanthiya, Dominion Rd

Best beef rendang – KK Malaysian Cuisine, Epsom

Best butter prawns – KK Malaysian Cuisine, Epsom

Best goat curry – Sunday Night Market

Some of the above items aren’t ‘specifically’ Malaysian food – for instance, goat curry and banana leaf rice came from Southern India, whereas bakuteh and Hainan chicken rice originated from China. However, they are still considered essentials in Malaysian cuisine, and the beauty of Malaysian food, after all, is that it is a rich intermingling of Indian, Chinese, and Malay cuisines that were carried over by each race when they migrated to Malaysia centuries ago.

Also, there are a few notable Malaysian eateries that I haven’t tried – Ngopi, Bunga Raya, Sri Puteri, and Chef Rasa Sayang. Here’s to hoping I get to them soon!

Cinta Malaysian Restaurant (Dominion Rd) and Mutiara Restaurant (Ponsonby) are popular, but unfortunately a disappointment when I tried them. Good decor and service, however I cannot recommend any of the dishes that I tried, as they were not authentic.

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    1. Thanks, Panda! :) I’ve heard about the roti canai stall in the Manukau food court, actually, but haven’t managed to try it… they make their roti on the spot, yeah? Can’t wait to give it a go.

  1. Thank you for this comprehensive list. I was craving laksa today so tried to order one from Sri Mahkota on Symonds Street but they wouldn’t answer their phone today. I love Selera and am glad it features on your list many times. Must go back one day soon.

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