Mama June, Northcote Food City


Finally getting around to uploading pictures from our last trip to Auckland! :D One of the highlights was a little Indonesian food stall in an obscure food court – Mama June at Northcote Food City. Thank goodness for Zomato, otherwise I would never have heard of it, and missed out on this delicious find.

Their mie ayam lebar tahu bakso is absolutely amazing, and as far as I know Mama June is the only Indonesian place in NZ that serves this (feel free to correct me if I’m mistaken, anyone). The dish features handmade thick noodles mixed in dry sauce with chicken and mushroom, accompanied by ‘taufu sumbat’ (dried tofu pieces stuffed with mince) in clear soup. The boy’s nasi padang consisted of rice, grilled chicken, egg with some of the best sambal I’ve had on these shores, and veggies cooked in ‘lemak’. Both dishes were very flavoursome, 100% authentic, and only $10 – $11!

The ambience isn’t the best – in fact, Northcote Food City is one of the more uncomfortable food courts in Auckland. The surroundings look very worn, the drinks stall is up a flight of stairs, and the toilets are, well. But if you can get past that, it’s well worth a visit just for this stall. Heck, if I lived in Auckland, I’d happily travel to Northcote every week to eat here. :)

We got their murtabak manis to take away – it keeps pretty well in the fridge, so it made a lovely dessert for the next few days. It’s hard to describe what exactly this is – it’s a soft and slightly chewy dessert with a filling of ground peanuts and (I think?) chocolate. Never tried this before (and my recollection of ‘murtabak’ in Malaysia was quite a different dish), but it was gorgeous.


Cost: $9 – $12 pp
Food: 5 Stars
Service: 4 Stars
Ambience: 2 Stars
Value for money: 5 Stars


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