OKO Dessert Kitchen, CBD


I was thrilled to find OKO Dessert Kitchen by Aotea Square, a mere stone’s throw from the university – would this turn out to be the next Milse? The name did strike me as rather strange, but that was forgotten as soon as I set foot in the shop, for I was then hopelessly distracted by the glorious sight of rows of desserts in glass-paned cabinets.

Their menu is fairly extensive, detailing not only the desserts on display in the glass cabinets, but also a custom dessert menu similar to what you might find in fine dining restaurants, and a list of beverages and ice creams. Their ice creams are all Movenpick, and you can have them either in standard form (cone or cup) or as part of beverages – I would not recommend the former, as you would get the same at Movenpick’s own stores for a much cheaper price.

The beverages looked mighty interesting, especially the sweet cocktails, but my partner finally opted for an OKO milkshake ($8.50) – you pick two Movenpick flavours and they blend it into the milkshake for you. I had one of the cabinet desserts, titled ‘Forest’ ($8.50), which consisted of a mini chocolate sponge cake covered with chocolate flakes, with layers of chantilly kirsch cream and cherries within. I quite liked my dessert, which I found to be a refreshing take on the standard blackforest cake, and the layers of cream and liquer within the sponge was a tantalizing treat for the tastebuds. However, the milkshake I found to be far too rich for my tastes.

So, is OKO truly the next Milse? Sadly, no. It seems to be more expensive than Milse, and its creations do not appear to have the same ‘wow!’ factor. However, it would be unfair to compare everyone to Milse, and I think OKO is decent and worth a visit in its own right. At the very least, here you can get a table for two on a Saturday night for a nice after-dinner dessert, without having to go on a one-hour waitlist.

Side note: they don’t allow photography of the desserts in the display cabinets, it seems. I took a few photos of those before I was informed of that, but did not upload them as per their request. This seems very odd to me though, as surely photos would only benefit them by increasing publicity.


Cost: $7 – $17 pp
Food: 4 Stars
Service: 4 Stars
Ambience: 4 Stars
Value for money: 3 Stars


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