Pappa Rich, Metro Centre (Coming soon)


Update 6/9/15: They are finally open!! Read my review here.

Update 7/8/15: Despite claiming on their Facebook page that they are ‘opening soon’ for the past few months now (they have a photo ad stating “Pappa Rich opens May 2015!”, which I found pretty funny)… they are still closed with no fixed opening date. :(

Aaaahhhh Pappa Rich is coming to Auckland!!! :D

I am nearly as excited as I was for the Chatime opening. ¬†Nearly. I mean, I’ll be honest – Pappa Rich wasn’t a huge deal in Malaysia when it first opened. It did have a decent flow of customers (hence the expansion) and the food was reasonably good, but it was a tradeoff – slightly less good food and higher prices in exchange for a comfortable environment, good hygiene and air conditioning (which Malaysian hawkers, who cook¬†the best food, are typically lacking).

But still, it DOES serve a wide variety of authentic Malaysian food – or at least the chain stores that I’ve tried in Malaysia do. And while that isn’t exactly impossible to find in Auckland, there are a few niche dishes in their menu that I haven’t yet found here (or at least not the versions that I like). I really miss roti bakar with butter and kaya, and half boiled eggs served on the side. And Ipoh hor fun, and cendol, and ABC, and tang yuen, and… I should probably stop working myself up before they open. Here’s to hoping they stay true to the original menu and tastes, too.

Their shop is currently being set up in the Metro Centre on Queen St, just above the food court on the lower level. There doesn’t appear to be any exact opening date listed on their website.

Stay tuned!

6 thoughts on “Pappa Rich, Metro Centre (Coming soon)

    1. Soon hopefully! I haven’t been able to check the Metro Centre recently, so am counting on you guys to sound the alarm when it’s open. :D

  1. Hi,
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    1. Hi, I’m not affiliated with Pappa Rich (I wish!) so you will have to ask them directly. Try posting a message on their Facebook page?

    1. Hey, thanks for the heads up! I’ve just been there, will blog about it shortly. :) Have you tried it as well? What did you think of it?

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