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Update 03/10/15: They have fixed the pan mee issue and now serve real, doughy pan mee. And it’s AMAZING. :)


Original post:┬áIn a stroke of good fortune, Pappa Rich’s opening this weekend coincided perfectly with our recent trip to Auckland. :D Of course, it was a must-do item on my foodie list.

First impressions were stunning. As opposed to many Malaysian eateries which prioritize function over form, this restaurant is beautifully decked out. Traditional marble tabletops, lovely decor, snazzy glass walls. We arrived late in the afternoon, and the place was still bustling. The waitress at the front door welcomed us and gave us a waitlist number, and we were seated in less than 5 minutes. Menus were quickly brought to us and we were asked if we had been here before and if we knew the ordering system (we did).

So we filled out the order form and pressed the button to call a waiter – and despite how packed the place was, a waitress arrived almost instantly! And the meals took barely 5 minutes to arrive – fantastic service.

Now here we hit a little snag. We had ordered pan mee, which is supposed to be doughy, chewy noodles in soup, and you can usually choose between flat noodles and pinched bits of dough. When I made the order, I had asked the waitress if we could have the flat noodles if at all possible. The pan mee arrived looking good with mince, anchovies, mushrooms, egg, chili paste… but with rice noodles (kuay teow). I was surprised, and the waitress said that they only had rice noodles for those who wanted flat noodles. I then asked if we could have the default pan mee dough, and was told that they only had udon noodles and rice noodles – which meant that everyone ordering pan mee was getting udon noodles instead of pan mee noodles. This might not seem like a big deal, but firstly I feel that we should have been informed about this upon ordering, and secondly the doughy noodles are what defines pan mee, in my opinion. They did take the dish back and refunded it, however.

That being said, everything else we ordered was very authentic and tasted great. The curry chicken served with the nasi lemak was a standout, thick gravy on juicy generous servings of chicken. The roti planta was a bit too sweet for me, as I tend to prefer less sugar with it, but it was deliciously crispy and flaky, and all three of the dips served with it were excellent. Teh tarik was also a little on the sweet side, but good. I was going to order ABC for dessert, but decided against it eventually, as we were getting quite cold. It was an especially chilly day, and the tables on the outside where we were seated were directly in line of the draught coming from the Metro back entrance. Not really their fault, but some extra heating would be good in that area.

All in all, I do feel that there is slight room for improvement, especially considering that their prices are on the high end for Malaysian food. But this is only their soft opening, not the official one, and I’m sure they’re still busy trying to work out the snags. I’d definitely return someday, and would encourage anyone to try it at least once.



Cost: $15 – $20 pp
Food: 4 Stars
Service: 4 Stars
Ambience: 4 Stars
Value for money: 3.5 Stars


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6 thoughts on “Pappa Rich, Queen St

  1. Thanks for the update. I too was disappointed by the udon panmin. If they use the proper one I will give them another chance! I love soup panmin and their soup was quite good already. Note if only they use the right leaves as well, instead of just done vege.

    1. Yes, I love soup pan mee too, and it’s so difficult to find around here! :) I’d definitely give them another try, their pan mee uses real pan mee noodles now and is delish. I guess I’ll cut them some slack for using different veggies in their pan mee, as I think the ones we had in Malaysia are not commonly found here.

  2. Bad news. I just checked with the guy, he said the chef said it’s not original version. It’s NZ version udon like noodle. I’ll pass. There goes my favourite noodle… :(

  3. False alarm! My bad. i checked again with a M’sian guy before i left (previously was not M’sian) and he said it’s panmin, just not handmade. Guess i’ll need to make another trip. :P

    1. Haha… yeah, it’s the flat type of pan min instead of the pinched type, so it’s made with a machine. But the dough is quite genuine I think. :)

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