Prof’s Cafe, Woodlands Estate


Just found this lovely little cafe by the Woodlands Estate and Gardens, near the historic homestead in Gordonton. Actually, I wouldn’t have known that ANY of the above existed, if it hadn’t been for the new offer in my entertainment book. :) Yay for entertainment books! They really are win-win for everyone involved.

The cafe is set in a lovely manicured lawn with an oval hedge around it – it used to be a cricket lawn, apparently. The decor is pretty, and the surroundings lend an air of relaxed elegance to it. We were there for the special Friday afternoon menu, which consists mostly of pizza and snacks. Our salmon, cream cheese, onions and capers pizza was pretty good – slightly unconventional, but the ingredients worked well together, and the base was light and crisp. The fries could possibly have been cut a bit thinner, but aside from that were decent as well. Might be worth noting that the pizza is slightly smaller than the average, so order accordingly (we already took a couple of pieces before I remember to take a photo of it – oops!)

The service was a standout. Not pretentious, just really warm and welcoming. It’s one of those rare experiences where you are really made to feel at home and the person serving you seems to genuinely care that you enjoy your time there – the last time I received this sort of service was at The Grove, which says something. :) Beverages and food also arrived fairly quickly, which is always good.

Will definitely visit again for their all day menu; apparently the kitchen closes at 3pm on other days, which is later than most Hamilton cafes – bonus points in my book! Give them a try, have brunch here, then take a short walk through the beautiful gardens next door and maybe visit the historic homestead. The gardens really are a hidden gem – they’re not anywhere as large or fancy as the Hamilton Gardens, but are still pretty and aren’t packed full of people.


Cost: $13 – $20 pp
Food: 4 Stars
Service: 4.5 Stars
Ambience: 4 Stars
Value for money: 3.5 Stars


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