Sushi Train, Viaduct

Sushi train
Agedashi tofu
Soft shell crab
Sushi trainAgedashi tofuSoft shell crabSashimi

When we first moved from Christchurch to Auckland, I was thrilled to find out that Auckland had not just one, but several sushi trains! Call it a novelty or a gimmick, but I love seeing lots of little sushi platters going past, tempting you to pick one up (or two, or three…)

We stumbled across the aptly named Sushi Train during a stroll around Viaduct Harbour. At that time it was undergoing renovations, but a few months later we came back, and were greeted with a nicely done-up little place. There were tables all along the sides of the conveyor belt where the sushi plates were circling, and the chefs were in the centre making fresh sushi. We were greeted by a friendly waitress, who seated us quickly and took our drink orders.

This place functions in a similar manner to other sushi trains I’ve tried – the plates are color-coded according to price, so you pile your plates up after you are done and they tally the price from there. Aside from the large variety of sushi on the conveyor belt, you can order hot dishes which will be made to order. There was already heaps of dishes on the train – nigiri, rolls, sashimi, snacks, desserts – but I ordered an agedashi tofu and soft shell crab (both $5.50) anyway, as well as a grilled prawn sushi ($4.50). The bf eschewed the a la carte dishes, choosing instead to pile on the plates from the train.

My favourite sushi from the train was the salmon & ikura ship ($7.50) – salmon sashimi wrapped around the rice, with ikura (salmon roe) on top. The salmon roe bursts in your mouth, and combined with fresh raw salmon, is pure heaven. My agedashi tofu was only average, but the grilled prawn was perfectly done, and the soft shell crab was amazing value for money. A specialty of theirs appears to be the volcano roll ($5.50) where scallop, kanikama and cream cheese are put on rice and the whole thing is flamed in front of your eyes. Lots of people ordered that, but we gave it a miss.

All in all, decent food and a good variety of dishes both hot and cold. As a side note both of us did get mild food poisoning later that night, but we can’t be sure whether it was this place that contributed to it, or other food that we ate.


Cost: $20 – $30 pp
Food: 4 Stars
Service: 4 Stars
Ambience: 4 Stars
Value for money: 4 Stars


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