Tanuki’s Cave, CBD


Tanuki’s Cave is a little yakitori bar with a fairly unique concept – it’s in the basement of a shop, accessible through a narrow flight of stairs. The place is kitted out quite well, decorated with little lanterns and Japanese fans and hanging lights. Very grungy atmosphere.

This is one of the more accessible yakitori bars for university students, located just a short walk down to Queen St. As a result, it is ridiculously packed on weekends during the semester. We’ve learnt to not even bother coming during peak times unless it’s summer – the wait for a seat almost always exceeds 30 minutes.

Their yakitori is pretty good, though. The scotch fillet, my favourite, is lightly seasoned and always cooked to a perfect, tender medium. The tiger prawns are good, too, as are the chicken wings and chicken thighs. On the flip side, it’s fairly expensive, with two skewers of scotch fillet being $6, and the other items not being much cheaper. Edamame is a whopping $7.20!! (Which is why I don’t ever order that here) Oh, and there is a minimum charge per person – about $15, I think. We don’t mind, since our bill usually comes to much more than that, but if you’re planning to come with friends and order just one small drink or such, be warned in advance.

I can never seem to take decent pictures of food in this place – the place is quite dark and even night mode doesn’t seem to help. :( I probably need more practice…


Cost: $15 – $25 pp
Food: 4 Stars
Service: 3 Stars
Ambience: 3 Stars
Value for money: 3 Stars


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