Uncle Man, K Road


An unexpected and great find! :) When I first read about this place on Zomato, I was wondering how on earth I had managed to miss a Malaysian restaurant within such close proximity of Sri Pinang. Turns out they’re not in a standard shop, but hidden in a small alcove with a narrow entrance.

Stepping into Uncle Man brought back nostalgic memories of ‘mamak’ haunts back in Malaysia. They even have a roti canai prep area by the counter, where you can see the ‘Uncle’ flipping the roti around. We went all out and ordered more than we probably should’ve for two people – nasi lemak with chicken curry ($12.50), murtabak ($11.00), and roti planta ($5.00). I would’ve gone for the keropok lekor too if it had been available – sadly it seems to have been removed in the new menu.

The nasi lemak was pretty good – fragrant coconut rice with all the right condiments and good sambal. I wasn’t a fan of the chicken curry that accompanied it, though, as the curry was too mild for my taste and I prefer bone-in chicken pieces. The murtabak – a type of roti stuffed with meat and onion – was decent, and very filling. And I loved the roti planta – roti canai with sugar and ‘planta’ (a type of butter) in it. I was quite impressed by how it still maintained the distinct taste of roti planta while being less greasy than the ones back home. The dhal curry that accompanied both the murtabak and the roti was excellent too, just the right taste and consistency.

Would definitely return to try their other dishes. Also, as an honourable side mention, their teh tarik (pulled milk tea, $4.00) is among the best I’ve had in New Zealand.


Cost: $7 – $15 pp
Food: 4 Stars
Service: 4 Stars
Ambience: 4 Stars
Value for money: 4 Stars


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