YOC Yoghurt Culture, Newmarket


I was struck by a waffle craving again, so given that I was in Newmarket for the day, off to Yoghurt Culture I went!

I had the “Super waffle” deal – a waffle with two froyos and three toppings for $11.50. They certainly make pretty good waffles for a yogurt place, and the combo was good value for money to boot. Unfortunately, I wasn’t very impressed with the froyos in themselves – the ‘natural’ froyo wasn’t rich enough, and had the peculiar taste common in stevia products (there wasn’t a non-stevia version available, that I could see). Ditto with the triple chocolate flavour. I’ve been before and had the peanut butter and wildberry flavours, which were much better.

I’d come again for the waffles, not for the froyo in itself. The fondue on their menu looks quite good, though, so I might give that a try someday. The store is well-decorated, as colorful and pretty as you would imagine a froyo place to be. Service is good, too.


Cost: $5 – $12 pp
Food: 3.5 Stars
Service: 4 Stars
Ambience: 4 Stars
Value for money: 4 Stars


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